Solved: Failed to connect mysql with client on linux server

Recently I encounter a wired problem, which is I cannot connect to the mysql server with mysql client on the server, but the application can connect. I finally find the solution to solve the problem, but still don’t know the cause of the proelbm.


The solution is start a new terminal to connect the server.

I accidentally start a new terminal and connect to the server and try to connect the mysql server with root user, and I can connect to it.

I also tried some other solutions, in on of my server, I stoped the mysql server, and start the server with --skip-grant-tables option, and modified the database with root user.

sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables

But on another server, I can’t start mysql server with the above command, I think the cause of the problem might be the setting of the terminal?

After I start a new terminal and connect to both of my servers, and I can connect to the mysql server successfully.

If you encountered the same problem, you can try this solution.

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