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How to get tag create user and create time from git

We can use git tag to get all the tags from a git repository, I also want to get the tag creator and create time, the following command can get all the tag create time and creator.

git log --tags --simplify-by-decoration --pretty="format:%ci %cn %d"

From the doc for git log PRETTY FORMATS, we can get that the options meaning like below:

%ci committer date, ISO 8601-like format

%cn committer name

%d ref names, like the — decorate option of git-log[1]

Update wordpress max file upload size

I installed the wordpress several days ago, when I try to upload a featured image, it tell me that the max upload size is 2M, I updated the nginx setting, but php seems not get the value from nginx. I also searched the internet, and there are some suggestions, but it still does not work in my case, I described how I solved the problem in this article.

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Use CachedMap to reduce database requests

In one of my project, there are some tables, and we save the id value of one table on another table, for example, we have album information, which has albumId and albumName fields, and on another table episode, it contain the albumId value, so when I query episode, I also want to get the albumName, and most of the albumId is the same.

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